Lieutenant Colonel Walter S. Van Cleave ’48. Ft. Worth, TX. Corps of Cadets “B” Engineers. U.S.
Air Force 480th Tactical Fighter Wing. Missing April 22, 1969, while serving as pilot of a F4-D
Phantom II over Laos.

Captain/Major William O. Fuller ’57. Houston, TX. Corps of Cadets Squadron 19. U.S. Air Force
558 th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 12 TH Tactical Fighter Wing, 7 th Air Force. Missing August 26,
1967, while serving as a bombardier/navigator in a F-4C Phantom II over North Vietnam.

Captain Dennis L. Graham ’63. Greensburg, KS. Corps of Cadets Squadron 8 & Head Waiter
Duncan Dining Hall. U.S. Air Force 428 th Tactical Squadron, 355 Tactical Fighter Wing. Missing
March 28, 1968, while serving as navigator in a F-111A Aardvark over North Vietnam.

Captain George L. Hubler ’64. Three Rivers, TX. Corps of Cadets I-3. U.S. Marine Corps, 235 th
Marine Fighter Squadron, 1 st Marine Air Wing. Missing from a mid-air collision February 23,
1968 while piloting a F-8E Crusader over South Vietnam.

First Lieutenant/Major Henry Gerald “Jerry” Mundt ’64, Abilene, TX. Corps of Cadets Squadron
10. U.S. Air Force 599th Tactical Fighter Squadron. Missing May 8, 1969 while serving as
navigator/weapons systems operator in a F4-C Phantom II over Laos.

First Lieutenant/Captain John R. “Butch” Baldridge ’68. Memphis TN/Shreveport/Bossier City,
LA. Corps of Cadets Squadron One. U.S Air Force 20th Tactical Air Support Squadron, 504th
Tactical Air Support Group. Missing November 20, 1969 while serving as pilot of 0-2A Skymaster
over Laos.

Captain Steven B. Johnston ’68. Muskogee, OK. Corps of Cadets Squadron 8. U.S. Air Force 497th
Tactical Fighter Squadron. Lost January 4, 1973 while serving as a weapons systems officer of F-
4D Phantom II over Laos.