Fish Drill Team (FDT) is a nationally famous, multi-championship all-freshmen precision rifle drill team that represents A&M and the Corps of Cadets in competitions with other colleges at military drill meets around the nation. This special unit is unique in the fact that it is the only place that offers freshmen the chance at leadership such as commander, executive officer, or guidon. At the end of the year, freshmen earn the coveted FDT cord to wear with their uniforms for the rest of their time in the Corps.

For more information about the Fish Drill Team, email or call our office 979-221-1998.

Thank you for Helping to Keep the Fish Drill Team Looking Sharp This Competition Season!

Thank you so much to our FDT supporters who helped us raise over $15K for the team to purchase 75 new midnight tops and pink pants. These will provide up to 8-10 years of wear and will be showcased at the Mardi Gras Drill Meet in Tulane. The uniforms will be worn for parades, drill meets, and performances all across the country. Due to your generosity, this will allow the team to purchase other needed equipment. Another Corps special unit need sponsored by you!